Welcome to Pokerville. We are a little card playing community based in Munich, Germany, where we play "Draw" or "Stud Poker" in open home games or private tournements. The bets are low but the fun is big. If you are looking for big bucks - sorry, we don't play for money!

So far we always met at the same place, but now it's time to see the "world" and become poker tourists. The great „Houses of Gold“ tour is our first journey through the neighborhood. Come with us and see the stinky places of our fellow gamblers. If you want to start it slow, just become a regular!

Or if you feel up to more: Become a poker host. Share your luxurious beach front villa or your tiny bohemian bachelor pad with your new poker buddies!Hey, let's play our way through Pokerville. Everytime a new exciting game, everytime a new host, a new home and a new pot of gold!The only question that you have to ask yourself is: